Exfolimate Review + How To Video

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Exfolimate is a body and face exfoliator tool that will help make your skin silky smooth.

During the winter, your skin is drying out and dying of thirst.  The first few layers of your skin peel and crack.  Scrubbing doesn't always help remove all that excess dry skin but this handy tool will!

During or right after a hot shower, your skin is in the best condition to use the Exfolimate. The moisture has helped to loosen the dead, dry skin cells.  You hold the Exfolimate at a 90 degree angle against your skin and, gently with a slight pressure, glide the tool along the skin.  This will help to lift up and scrape away the dead skin as well as oil and debris beneath the skins surface.  While you may need to go over a section a few times, it is not recommended to over exfoliate a single area. This can cause irritation and redness.  Also, while this tool can't really hurt you, if you apply too much pressure while using it, you can break the healthy skin and cause damage.  

Watch my video below to see how it's done!
*I received this product in exchange for my inspection and honest review*


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