New Seashell Home Decor Ideas

So I emptied a jar of Salsa and Sweet Relish over the last week and decided to make some awesome candle holders!

How to Make Glass Jar Candle Holders!

1) When you finish using a jar for its original purpose, clean out the jar REALLY well (Strong smelling foods like pickles and salsa can keep the smell lingering if you don't clean them out well.)

2) For the labels and sticky goo on the outside of the jars, use a little bit of cooking oil (I used Canola oil) on a paper towel and rub the sticky parts of the jar until it's well oiled.  Used warm soapy water and a rough sponge and wash off the oil and sticky residue.

3) I filled the empty jars with sand (colored sand is really great for matching other decor) and some limestone rocks

4) I found really nice Mexican Pumpkin scented candles at the World Market and you put those into the jars with the sand (put them in the middle and kinda twist and turn them into the sand so they sit nicely)

5) Then I added some seashells I found in Sanibel-Captiva, Florida.  You can use anything you want for decoration!  Other ideas: Rocks, or Round Glass Beads (NOTE: Do not use anything that is flammable or will catch fire if you USE the candles!)

6) I also put some wired beads around the rim to give them a romantic, beachy look!

And Finally, ENJOY your new handmade home decor!

-Rixiepixie ♥


jerry said...

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pam@ iLoveShelling said...

Love those little kitten's paw shells in your candle jar. Great for the holidays too.

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