Day 4 - DIY Window Treatments

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365 Days of Crafs! 

Day 4 DIY Window Treatments

So my mom couldn't find the "perfect" window treatments she needed for her front door and side windows.  She hired me for the task of designing her, her own personal custom set.
The Project

We went to a fabric shop here in Naples called Boca Bargoons Fabrics and found this really nice brown sheer fabric.  Any who, we got home, and I set up my space to get to work!

My Work Space

After doing a ton of measurements and re-measurements I finally got the sizes right and set my sewing machine to work!  It's been wayyy too long since I last used it. It did well for being in storage and not being used for over a couple of years!  And in the end, I made some pretty classy new window treatments for my mom!

Finished Project

I'm very proud of my work! This was the first time I ever made window treatments, so I have to say, it was a job well done! [And I was informed that the other 4 windows and sliding class door now need "custom" treatments as well....Looks like I have more work ahead of me!]

-RixiePixie ♥


Adam Waterford said...

Sometimes, bare windows just won't cut it during daytime, especially when the sunlight starts to irritate your eyes. That is why going for window treatments will lessen the light that penetrates your home, and gunning for DIY adds a personal touch as well!

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