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The Super Beauties Collection is now available at 

If you haven't tried Oh My Lash! yet, you're totally missing out! They seriously have some of the best lashes I have found! Now, I'm a beginner with lashes and I have tried all kinds but these....these are amazing!

Oh My Lash! has recently launched a new line called The Super Beauties Collection. This collection includes 6 different pairs of lashes that represent six gorgeous super heroines!

These lashes are triple stacked and uniquely designed. They're also made from high quality, cruelty-free synthetic fibers wish is a huge plus! 

They range in price from $19.99 to $24.99 per pair; which for quality like these, you get what you pay for!

The Feline Beauty lashes are stunning and have a nice hint of purple added to them which I LOVE! And being a crazy cat lady, I HAD to get my hands on these and do a Cat Woman look!

Now being triple stacked, these weren't the easiest of lashes to apply. Note: I'm a beginner when it comes to applying false lashes. However, once I was able to get them on correctly, they set nicely and worked really well! I was worried about them being too long because I have hooded eyes, but alas, they worked beautifully!

I also teamed up with some wonderful ladies of the Oh My Lash Beauty Council to bring you a Super Beauty Collab! Follow OhMyLashX on Instagram to see all the "Super" inspired looks from the Council and enter the Makeup Contest!

Check out the full collection!

♥ Amazonian Beauty (Wonder Woman)
♥ Feline Beauty (Cat Woman)
♥ Venomous Beauty (Poison Ivy)
♥ Resurrected Beauty (Jean Gray/Phoenix)
♥ Unseen Beauty (Invisible Woman / Sue Storm)
♥ Tempest Beauty (Storm from X - Men)

While these lashes are extremely gorgeous, I couldn't possibly see myself making them an everyday pair, but they are the PERFECT addition to your kit for cosplay or artistic makeup!

Check them out and ORDER HERE!

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