New projects in production!

So I finally got more resin! YAY! Which means more resin pendants, and such. I have a few in progress pieces such as a few crocheted pouches, a purse, wallets, and things. And a very nice crocheted bracelet. I took apart a watch i had for the face casing and encased a flower button inside it with resin. So it's like a flower watch without the actual watch part. It came out just as i hoped it would.

I'm working on a bracelet right now that i'm having some issues with concerning the weight of it. It's a bangle safety pin bracelet like my others in my shop ( although it's a big too heavy for a bangle. I tried to make a clasp for it, but it's not coming out how I planned so i might make it a stretchy bracelet instead. Here is a picture of it so far:


I'm going to be be working on some really interesting pieces soon. Hopefully SOON I'll be making a series of animal skeleton pieces. (don't worry, I'm not harming any animals for this project, I'm buying whole sale owl pellets to get the bones from). So these are just a few things I'm working on at the moment.

I won't be adding anymore new listings to my Etsy shop until i clear out some of my old inventory. I'm thinking of doing a 50% sale soon on some of my old pieces so help clear out everything so stay tuned!


QueenofQueens said...

Very cool! I can't wait to see the animal bone pieces. I love that bracelet, the colors rock!

redd said...

that bracelet is so pretty!

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