DIY How to Make a Lipstick Palette

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DIY Lipstick Palette
So, along with your DIY Pressed Pigments, you can make a DIY Lipstick Palette and here's how.


What you need:
  • Empty Pallet with 26mm pans
  • Paper Towels
  • Old Spoons (I got 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree for this project)
  • A Candle
  • Lighter for the candle
  • Lipsticks you want to use
  • Toothpicks
  • Makeup Remover
Step 1:
Prepare your area.  Place a paper towel on your surface for protection.  Then set up your supplies. Light the candle and get ready to get messy!

Step 2:
Depot your lipstick.  I basically just use my fingers and break the lipstick off.  Or you can use an old knife and cut it.  Place it in the spoon.

Step 3:
Melt the lipstick.  Hold your spoon over the candle flame.  Gently rotate the spoon in a circular motion to evenly heat the spoon and melt the lipstick.  This can take about a minute to completely melt.
Use a toothpick to stir the large pieces until they blend nicely with the rest of the melted liquid.

Step 4:
Fill the pan.  Once your lipstick is fully melted, you want to slowly pour the liquid lipstick into your pan. If you melted too much, you will see an overflow which you can prevent by stopping the pour when you see it fill the amount you want. If it overflows, no worries! You can clean this up easily with a makeup wipe when it's dry.

Step 5:
Let it dry.  About 10 minutes or so, you're lipstick will get back to room temperature and ready to use!  You can now label your pan on the bottom.What I did, was take the little label off the lipstick tube and taped it to the bottom of the pan. Or you can buy those little round labels (under 25mm in size to fit your pans) at any office supply store.

Once it's dry and labeled, it's ready to put in your palette and ENJOY!


Toni Murillo said...

This is an awesome idea! Thanks ��

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