DIY How to Press Pigments Tutorial

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So I found a few awesome people who press their own eyeshadows from loose pigments and I thought, I HAVE TO TRY THIS!

I bought two empty palettes from an Ebay seller in China.  They arrived super fast too (about 2 weeks) and I only paid $6 for both!

Now the fun part.

Gather your supplies:
Paper Towels (this will get messy!)
26mm Empty Pans
Your loose pigments
91% Alcohol
dropper (or small squeeze bottle like a hand sanitizer bottle)
Quarter (this will fit in a 26mm pan)
Scrap fabric (or paper towels if you don't have any handy)

Step 1:
Prep your area.  You need to lay down something to protect your surface. I used paper towels. Then Lay out all your supplies.


Step 2:
Pour the pigment.  Slowly use a small scoop or if you're using a small jar of pigment, tap it gently to get the powder to come out into the pan.


Step 3:
Add the alcohol.  Add a few drops at a time, and stir with the toothpick.  Add a few more drops and stir until it's the consistency of mousse.


Step 4:
Let it dry.  You can mix new colors while the other dry if you'd like. This should take about 20-30 minutes to dry a bit.


Step 5:
Press the pigment.  You want to place your fabric or paper towel over the pan.  Then place the quarter on top and gently slide move it until you feel it go into the pan.  Then press.  You will see some of the alcohol seep into the fabric, which means it's working.  When you see no more spread of the alcohol, gently lift up the fabric and using your nail or toothpick, separate the pan from the fabric.


Let it keep drying for a about and hour before using it! If you feel like you want more shadow in the pan, you can repeat steps 2-5 to make a fuller pan. Once it's completely dry, clean it up.  Wipe off all the pigment from the edges of the pan.

PS: You can make you're OWN colors too! Mix a couple different colors to create your own pigments :)

Hope this tutorial helped you make you're very own palette of pigments! I know I had fun doing it and felt like a chemist!


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