Mary Kay ClearProof® Acne System

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I'm taking the Mary Kay ClearProof® challenge and trying this system for 30 days.  I received it free from Influenster, and on behalf of Mary Kay, to try for 30 days and see how I like it.  I'm really interested to see how much of difference this makes in my skin!

Here is a current picture of my skin condition.  I have mild acne and combination skin.

This is what is included in the kit:
Clarifying Cleanser Gel
Blemish Control Toner
Acne Treatment Gel
Oil Free Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

In 7 days, I will post another picture of my face to see how much it has improved in that time.  In 30 days, I will post again showing a side by side comparison of my before and after using these products.

If you're interested in trying it our for yourself, you can find it HERE


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