Day 2 - Sea Shell Wall Art

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Day 2 of 365 Days of Crafts and I'm working on my Seashell Wall Flower!

I took an old CD and painted a medium to thick coating of glue all over it.  Then I sprinkled some very fine grained sand all over it to give it that "beachy feel".  After that I laid out my shells in a decorative pattern that I thought was appealing, a large cockle shell and some worm shells around it.  Then I took some really thick diameter wire (about 1.5 inch long and cut & bent it so it made an S shape and closed both ends.  This I super glued to the back of the CD [This will be used to hang up the wall flower when it's finished].

Next, I'll take some thinner wire, and make it spiral and hang it from the bottom of the wall flower and each piece will have a shell hanging from the bottom.  Beautiful and really simple.  I think this piece might look great in my bathroom!!  Now, I just need to get the wire so I can finish this one...

-Rixie Pixie ♥


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