Increasing Sales, YAY!

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So I've had a bit of a lucky streak I guess. My sales have finally picked up after a month or so of sloth-ness. I have to say its a very big improvement and I'm liking it a lot. I don't know what has caused it, either my Etsy URL on my car, my blog, my 50% Jewelry Sale until Aug. 22nd [hint hint ;)] Maybe I was in a treasury that I don't know about? I don't know, but what ever it was I liked it!

I'm starting a new project. No not a completely new item line. I'm going to make more photo holders but this time with chalkboard paint. This way buyers can "interact" with my work =) You'll be able to write the names of who is in the photo your displaying, or if your giving it as a gift, you can write a message to the gift receiver, either way, I think it's a fun way for buyer to be able to "customize" their own designed photo holder. I'm hoping it will be a hit, so we will see! Favorite my shop, and keep an eye out!


Cbt's Closet said...

i love your little skull avatar! cute :)

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