Beautifoot Foot Peel Review + Pics

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Beautifoot Foot Peel is an at home foot peel that removes all your dry, cracked skin and calluses with just natural fruit acids. A painless, easy way to exfoliate your feet!

These are my feet before I used the foot peel. I had this hard, cracked heel that I used to have to scrap with a handled blade to get the thick callus off.

 You get a pair of plastic booties and inside they have the fruit acid and a soaking cotton insert. This liquid absorbs all the way to the fresh skin layers underneath the calluses and rough patches on your feet. 

So, you have this pair of booties. They're rather large for my size 7 feet. So if you have larger feet they'll definitely fit! They also come with these little red tape strips you use to hold the booties in place. Then you wait 90 minutes for your feet to soak up the liquid. You can wear socks OVER these booties if you need mobility and can't sit still for that long (I wore socks over mine).

After your waiting period is over, you remove the booties, carefully not to spill any excess liquid.  Then rinse your feet off.

After 4 days of waiting my feet finally started to peel!

After 5 days the peeling picked up a LOT. I was losing quarter sized pieces of dead skin.

After 7 days, my feet are completely baby smooth! The calluses on my heels and balls of my feet are GONE! I haven't been able to get rid of them for years!!! The tops of my feet are still peeling but the rest of my feet are super soft with new, supple skin! This was the best thing to ever happen to my feet, seriously.

No scraping, no grating, no pumice!
No more risks of bleeding or infections!

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!!!

*This post was sponsored and product was provided to me in exchange for my honest review*


Mary Kirkland said...

That looks interesting. I just got one of those battery operated callous removers and I love that thing.

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