Cup Verdi Reusable K-Cup Filter Review

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I always loved the idea of having my choice of ANY coffee and not just what comes in a K-cup! No more spending a fortune on the k-cup packs when you can use this with ANY coffee, tea or hot chocolate of your choice! Love this cup design. My "other" reusable k-cup is shaped differently and doesn't allow the coffee to filter correctly, this one does it perfectly! 

However, it fits in my Keurig (older model) but for some reason the top of my Keurig doesn't close all the way with this cup. It is entirely possible my Keurig may be defective in this case, it never did seem to close correctly. 

It cleans easily and can be used an infinite amount of times.  Why spend so much money on Keurig specific K-cups when you can have ANY coffee you love at any time? You can even make hot chocolate and teas with this cup!

It definitely brews a great cup of coffee!

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