Majestic Bombay Precision Grooming Set Review

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This Precision Tweezers set comes in a wonderful little travel case made from imitation leather. It has the four slots for 3 pairs of specially designed tweezers and a pair of nail scissors.  This is a great little set for traveling and can fit in your purse or pocket!

This set is a gorgeous Titanium metallic blue color and contains specially designed tweezers for all of your needs. 
Straight Tweezers - great for ingrown hairs or sensitive areas
Pointed Tweezers - great for splinters and ingrown hairs
Slanted Tweezers - your standard design for hair removal
Nail Scissors - these are designed for your nails but can also be used to trim up your eyebrows!

  • Set of 4 grooming tools
  • Excellent quality tools
  • They're blue!
  • Specially designed for specific functions
  • Great travel case
  • High quality - each piece is definitely well designed
  • The scissors seemed to be misaligned but I believe that could be because they're meant for nails. I had a difficult time using them to trim my false eye lashes, probably because that is not their intended purpose.
  • The price on Amazon is quite high for a set of tweezers, but compared to other sets, the price point is in a decent range.

Overall, I absolutely love this tweezers set! It always helps to have more than one pair of tweezers (especially if you're like me and have a husband who like to "borrow" them often).

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*Sample Provided for Inspection and Review Purposes*


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