Bellangé Makeup Brush Set Review

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Bellangé Makeup Brush Set

This set comes with 10 face brushes (5 large and 5 small; although the 5 smaller brushes are GREAT for blending eyes too).  They are very elegant well made wooden handles in black with gold. These brushes actually have the name on each one, which I love! I can never remember what all my brushes are for so this is a huge plus for me. Also, the tips of these brushes are white so you can easily tell when and IF your brushes are clean! I always hate dark brushes, you can't tell if they're clean.

They 5 larger brushes are big and fluffy. These include:

  • Magic Mineral Blending Brush - for mineral loose powders
  • Perfect Precision Brush - great for under the eyes
  • Flawless Foundation Brush - for that air brushed look
  • Beautiful Blush & Bronzer Brush - angled for precise application of blush or bronzer
  • Fierce Foundation & Powder Brush - for smooth application

The 5 smaller brushes are my favorite.  These include:

  • Perfection Contouring Brush - for contouring and shading
  • Precision Contouring Brush - for precise contouring
  • Mini-Perfect Precision Brush - great for under eye area
  • Precision Concealer Brush - for concealer
  • Precision Primer & Shadow Brush - for primer and eye shadows

I do highly recommend thoroughly washing these before use to clean and prevent future shedding.  These have not shed once since I have done this. 


  • 10 brushes in the set
  • Name of each brush embossed on each handle
  • White brush tips
  • Super soft
  • Fluffy
  • Blend very well
  • Application is great

  • I'm not a fan of the gold tone, but it's just looks.
  • Mini Perfect Precision Brush 84K is misspelled on the brush, but again, it doesn't effect the use of the brushes.
Overall, this brush set is fantastic! I love them and recommend you get a set, seriously. You need these.

*Sample provided for review*


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