Nail Decals by ObscuraOutfitters on Etsy

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I love all the amazing and fun things you can find on Etsy.  Like these awesome nail decals! Obscura Outfitters makes these nail decals in just about anything you want! From bling to pizza

The decals themselves are transparent so they show up best on white, however the other decals that are solid colors such as the Rainbow Hearts set or the Spell it Out set, may work on a range of other colors.

How adorable are these little kitties? You get a full sheet of decals (42 decals per sheet) for only $8!! And a flat rate shipping cost of $2.50 no matter how many sheets you purchase.

I absolutely love how easy these are to use as well.  They're like temporary tattoos for your nails.

Step 1: Paint nails and allow to dry completely before using the decals. Do not put on a top coat yet.
Step 2: Cut out your decal as close to the image as possible.
Step 3: let your little decal soak in water for about 30 seconds. 
Step 4: Between your fingers, gently rub the decal and paper away from each other.
Step 5: Dip your nail in the water so it's wet and then apply the decal to your nail. It will slide a round a little bit until you find the right location for the decal.
Step 6: Use a towel to soak up all the excess water on your nail and the decal (i highly suggest NOT using tissues, toilet paper or cotton balls to soak up the water as this leaves fibers on your nails)
Step 7: Once completely dry, apply your top coat and you're done!

Check out all the amazing designs that Obscura Outfitters has to offer!

*I received this item in exchange for inspection and an honest review*


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