Walgreens After Halloween 90% Sale HAUL! 2014

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I scored some REALLY great Halloween decor this year from Walgreens.

Their after Halloween sale is currently 90% off all Halloween decor and 50% off Halloween candy.

What I scored:
My Pet Ghost - Retail $9.95 - Paid $.99
Glitter Skull - Retail $.99 - Paid $.09
Pop-Eyed Monster - Retail $1.99 - Paid $.19
Skeleton Light Up Duck - Retail $2.99 - Paid $.29
Pull Apart Skeleton Stuffed Toy - Retail $7.99 - Paid $.79

My Finished Display Shelf!

See my Video here:

I highly recommend checking your local stores the day (or so) AFTER a holiday.  They discount any products left and this is when you can score BIG for the next year :)

Did you have a Walgreens Halloween Haul? What did you find? Share in the comments!


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