Beaumont Products Review

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Beaumont Product Review

I emailed this company asking for samples of some of their products.  I have heard of the veggie spray before and heard great things about it, so I requested some samples.  They kindly gave me a box of 7 products to try out.

The first one that I was really excited about was the Veggie Wash.  I normally don't wash my fruits and veggies (I know, that's bad!) but when I got this stuff, I can't STOP washing everything!!

I'm not an organic eating, health  nut or anything, but MAN, does it make a difference in taste when you get all those chemicals off your fresh food!  My personal favorite was using this with potatoes.  You could literally see all the dirt and grime you scrub out of that potato! And knowing that the skin is the healthiest part, I rarely peel them.  I feel so much better knowing my food is clean now!  I highly recommend Veggie Wash and I sure will be buying me another bottle of it.

The 2nd product is the Citrus Magic air freshener.  It truly has a very strong citrus scent.  You only need a spritz or two and you're good to go! (By the way, this kills spiders on the spot too! I know they hate citrus but this stuff literally kills them!)

They also sent me bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion.  All of which reminded me of the ones you get at a hotel.  They were decent, nothing to really rave about.

The soaps were a nice treat.  It's always handy to have extra soaps for guests.  I was surprised that they didn't really have a smell to them though.  But as a soap, they did the job.

Overall, their products are great! I highly recommend the Veggie Wash and Citrus Magic spray.

You can find these products at Walmart, Whole Food as well as online like Amazon.


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