Studio Gear Cosmetic Review

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Studio Gear Cosmetics Review

I contacted Studio Gear through their blogger program and they kindly sent me Mascara and Face Primer to try out!

They have a very large line of products for every part of your face.  I was really excited to try these two since normally I get shadows and lipsticks, this was different and something new to try.

Impactful Mascara
This mascara is great!! The brush is nice and fluffy, doesn't leave clumpy lashes either.  Goes on soft and full.
Prime Objective Face Primer
OMG this is the best face primer I have found so far! It's a gel to powder feel on your face.  Very silky smooth and fantastic! My makeup lasted all day with this primer!!  I will definitely be getting a full sized primer in the future.

Overall, these two products were fantastic and definitely got me interested in trying more of their line!


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