Petoyo Flying Feather Cat Toy Review

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Meet Dexter. He is my 22 pound ball of fluff who tests out the fun parts like chasing, jumping and basically laying on the toys.

Meet Gabe. He is my ninja product tester who tests for durability and quality control.

You can already see the excitement on Dexter's face when I showed him what he will be product testing this week.

This cat toy comes packaged nicely. It features a long plastic "pole" and a cotton covered elastic line. The main Feather portion has a few large (about 6") feathers and a few smaller, brightly colored feathers. It also has a bell (which I removed because apparently my cats are terrified of bells, who knew).  The feather part can actually be removed as well if you need to replace or change out that portion of the toy.

Both cats approved of this toy! They don't have any cons about it, except that I won't let them walk off with it.

My Pros:
  • The cats love it and that is all that matters!
My Cons:
  • The elastic cord is very thin and it's on the verge of snapping after a few weeks of use.
  • The bell, luckily it can be removed!


Watch Gabe in Action!

*Sample Provided for Review*


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