Halloween And Christmas!

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It is NEVER too early to talk Halloween and Christmas!

Itty Bitty Kitties will be celebrating our first Halloween and Christmas this year!  WE are super excited and have some goodies planed for you!!

Halloween kitties you can now find in our Etsy Shop.
candy corn kitty catWitch Kitty CatKitty Cat with PumpkinGhost Kitty CatInbread Kitty Cat MemeNinja Kitty CatPirate Kitty Cat
There are tons more "Kitties in Costume" in our Etsy shop! Please check it out!

Christmas Ornament Kitties!! 
These will be released once a day over the next few days! So keep checking the store!

Snowcat Kitty Cat Snowman OrnamentKitty Cat with a Candy Cane OrnamentSanta Kitty CatSanta Kitty CatJingle Bell Kitty Cat

If you have any ideas for Kitties that YOU want to see, please comment!! I love hearing your ideas!!!


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