FEST is awesome

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So I'm in FEST if you didn't already know (lol). And were coming up with some great ideas and plans for promoting the team and Etsy. I'm so excited, hopefully i'll be doing a show here in Orlando in October. I hope it works out I love shows and from what i hear it brings in 10,000+ people every year. Hopefully this will be my calling and FINALLY get me exposed and some business. We'll see!

I got more adhesive and new stamps, and i already finished my Halloween stickers for the promo packs! AND i got a new printer! yay! Soon i'll be listing custom promo sticker packs for people who want their shop logos printed into stickers (if your interested send me a convo over on Etsy and we can work something out!)


redd said...

That's FAB Rixie!
I have my fingers crossed for you :)

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