Just a few upcoming ideas!

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Well just a few ideas i have planned for the upcoming months are as follows:

  • More barrettes
    • I know they aren't as popular as other items, but i figured i would try something new with some resin and make a few interested barrettes
  • Wire Wrapped Rings
    • Ring in general if i can get my hands on some blank settings
  • Faux suede/leather bracelets with focals
  • Crocheted bracelets and scarves
  • New resin necklaces
  • more....
These are just SOME of the ideas i'll be working on once i move into my new apartment. My move in date is May 28th and i'll be moving in over that weekend period. So once i'm all set up i'll be working on these. So expect some new listings to RixiePixie.etsy.com The first few weeks in June!!


QueenofQueens said...

Such cute stuff in your shop! I can't wait to see more of the resin jewelry. I love the seahorse pendant!


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