Brio SmartClean Electric Toothbrush Review

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Health and hygiene help to keep us beautiful. Your teeth shouldn't be excluded! 

Introducing my new favorite toothbrush! Comes in a very nice, high quality box/packaging. It comes with the charging base with USA plug, rechargeable toothbrush body, two replaceable heads in two colors (these come in a nice sanitary sealed pouch) as well as instructions.

 I charged mine up as soon as I took it out of the box, and attached one of the brush heads. It has 3 settings: Normal, Soft and Massage. The vibration on this thing is incredible! I have to use the Soft setting until I get used to it. The massage setting is great for massaging your gums. It also has this great feature of pausing at 30 second intervals to remind you to switch which zone of your teeth your cleaning. It does this to encourage you to brush the full 2 minutes.   I was very impressed with the cleaning power this toothbrush has. My teeth feel like I just had a professional clean at the dentists office! No standard toothbrush makes me feel this clean.

Overall, this toothbrush is amazing and I highly recommend it! 
Smile more.

BUY HERE: Brio SmartClean

*I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review*


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