Disney Elsa Beauty Collection Review + Swatches!

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Since the Elsa Collection has come to Walgreens stores, I had to pick up a few of the products to try out for myself.  I picked up the Nail Polish Duo, The Eyeshadow Palette by Elf, and the Elf Face Palette.

ORLY Elsa Nail Polish Sister Duos ($10.99) 
I picked up this duo which includes: Coronation Ball & Olaf You a Lot

Both colors are absolutely gorgeous! However, the formula of the glitter polish (Coronation Ball) is very goopy. It was difficult to apply multiple coats. I'm not sure if all of the glitter polishes are like that, or if I happened to get a defective bottle. The pink polish (Olaf You a Lot) is a stunning spring pink and the formula is better but still not fantastic. Honestly, I feel the prices are way too high for these polishes but if you happen to find them on sale, I would say pick them up!

ELF Elsa Eyeshadow Palette ($6.99)

This palette is the Snow and Ice Glow Eyeshadow Palette by E.L.F. It includes 9 shadows with remarkable pigmentation. I used to hate ELF shadows because they didn't seem like the quality was worth it. However, they have since changed the formula of their shadows and now I have a new addiction. These colors are amazing!

ELF Elsa Face Palette ($6.99)

This palette is the Snow and Ice Icicle Face Palette by ELF.  It includes a highlighter, blush and bronzer.  The pigmentation and blendability of these powders is fantastic! This is a great product for beginners/intermediate who are learning to contour. I have to say, the bronzer is not my favorite color to use for my skin tone but if used with a light hand, it works wonderfully.


Anonymous said...

I had just recently purchased the Sister Duos, very hot spring colors!
Then got the wristlet, & lipgloss, blush & bronzers! Everything so far is so cute & Top Notch!! Of course these weren't for me but I didn't want to give them up!

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