ColourPop Cosmetics Review + Swatches!

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Ever since I learned about ColourPop, I have been OBSESSED! I didn't even have any products yet but I could tell they were amazing quality.  I finally got my first order! When I signed up they gave me a coupon for $5 my purchase so or course I had to get a few things.  They also offer Free Shipping on orders of $30 or more! So I took advantage of that and got $35 worth of products for $30 shipped.

They include an adorable handwritten note with every order. I think that's a great addition and really personalizes your purchase! It makes me feel special.

They have tons of products including Lippie Stix, Eyeshadows, Lippie Liners, Blushes and even collabs with popular Youtube Beauty Gurus! The best part? Shadows and Lippies are only $5 each and Blushes are only $8 each!!

I ordered myself 4 of the Eye Shadows and 3 of the Lippie Stix.

Super Shock Eye Shadows
These shadows are seriously BUTTER. So smooth and so creamy you actually have to be careful you don't knock it out of the pan. They're screw top so no breaking your nails trying to open them (yay!) They have all their information on the bottom of the jar.

Animal - This shadow is a neon coral with a fleck of gold shimmer and a satin finish. Absolutely amazing pigment and reflects the light on the shimmer and looks so amazing! Great accent color for Spring!


Dare - an amazingly gorgeous neon purple with hints of hot pink and violet metallic shimmers. The pigmentation on this one is incredible! So bright, so sparkly, SO IN LOVE!!


Rex - a matte black with amazingly bright metallic blue shimmers. I couldn't believe how stunning this one is in person, at different angles you get different shades of blue and even purples in the right light!


Slave2Pink - an unbelievable neon pink with blue, hot pink, violet and silver shimmer. The metallic duo chrome finish on this shadow is extraordinary! This one is definitely one to add to your collection.


Overall, the shadows are so amazing I have run out of words to describe them. I will definitely be buying more, a lot more!

See all the Shadows + Pigments

Lippie Stix
After seeing Dani from CoffeeBreakWithDani try out the Lippie Stix, I have been dying to try these! There are Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils in coordinating colors, so no guessing which lip liner goes with which lipstick, brilliant! The Lippies come in satin, cream, glossy, hyper-glossy, matte and pearlized finishes.

Frida (satin) - This is the lipstick that got me hooked on ColourPop! The minute I saw this color I knew it had to be mine! This color was designed by CoffeeBreakWithDani  - she says, "For the woman fueled by a substantial amount of coffee." Perfect shade for every skin tone!

Punky (satin) - a warm neon pink that is PERFECT for this Spring! I'm absolutely loving the satin finish on these Lippies. So creamy and so pigmented! 


Monkey (hyper-glossy) - a super pastel bubblegum pink! I LOVE this color but unfortunately, i'm not a fan of the hyper-glossy finish. I also recommend using a lip liner with this color.


So impressed with the Lippie Stix! I now know i'm not a fan of the glossy or hyper-glossy but majority of their Lippie Stix are matte and satin finishes.

Try them out for yourself! Find ColourPop all over at the following links:



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