Oh My Lash - False Eyelashes Review

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Please Say Yes (top left) - Admiration (top right) - Dazzling (bottom left) - Call Me Maybe (bottom right)
Bae Collection

I'm pretty new to the world of false lashes. But when given the opportunity to get this amazing collection for free, I couldn't pass it up!  Oh My Lash! has an event called Free Lash Friday where they randomly pick a Friday and give away a Collection of Lashes for only the cost of shipping!  

So, needless to say, I was super excited to try out some free lashes.  I was in awe when I opened the package and saw these bad boys.

So far I have only tried one pair, Admiration. I wore them to a wedding (I figured if I were going to put these to the test, why not all day at an outdoor wedding).

  • Gorgeous designs
  • Long wearing! (these pair lasted me a 10 hours before removal)
  • Very well made, high quality
  • These are a tad bit long for my eyes. They tickled my eyes every time I blinked.
Overall: LOVED THEM! I can't wait to play with the other pairs and purchase more! A+++ Highly Recommended!
**Although this product was free, I was not required to write a review, this was my personal choosing**


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