Smart Weight Body Fat Scale Review

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Smart Weigh Body Fat Scale Review

This has got to be the most high tech scale I've ever used! Normally they just weigh you when you stand on them...not this one!  This one can tell you not only your weight but your BMI, body fat, water weight, muscle mass and bone mass.

When you start up your scale you have the option to set multiple "profiles" for multiple people to utilize the scale.  My Profile, "P1" shows my gender, height and age.  It uses this information to calculate your results. After setting your profile it will read "0.0" when you step on the scale.  
Do this with socks on and it will only calculate your weight.  To get all the results, make sure to step on it barefoot for it to use those silver metal plates to read your other statistics through the bottoms of your feet (this is primarily for the water weight).

The scale does come with instructions and charts to see where your results line up.  According to this scale i'm off the charts morbidly obese but those charts aren't ALWAYS right....right?

This scale is great for anyone trying to lose weight, get fit or maintain your healthy weight.  Excellent product!!

What do you think?
Too much info or great for fitness?

*I received this product in exchange for inspection and my honest review*


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