Geek Fuel Unboxing and Review - December 2014

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Geek Fuel is a brand new subscription box that just launched thanks to it's overwhelming response on Kickstarter! It's a monthy subscription box featuring toys, games, collectibles and all things geeky!

COST: $17.90 + $6 S/H per month
(There are longer plans that give you discounts up to $13.90 a box per month)


Check out my unboxing on the FIRST Box + Bonus Box

Box boxes arrived wrapped in brown paper and with this ADORABLE little robot logo sticker.

Underneath that paper is the two boxes.  The red one is the regular box and the blue one is the Bonus Box.  The bonus box was exclusive to Kickstarter Backers.

When we open the box we find a very well wrapped crate with silver tissue paper and cute logo sticker.

Now to the best part, the goodies inside!

Inside the Launch Box:
♥ Nihontown Poster (Exclusive, Limited Edition)
♥ Atomic Coffee by Boca Java
♥ Terraria Collectible Bookmark
♥ Terraria Digital Game Download
♥ Learn to Speak Dothraki by Living Language (Sample Lesson)
♥ Hobbit Greeting Card
♥ Cosplay Sticker Set
♥ Princess Leia T-Shirt
♥ Andoid Mini Vinyl Figurine

Inside the BONUS BOX!
♥ Exclusive Limited Edition Geek Fuel Backer T-Shirt
♥ Halo Alpha Mega Blocks Figurine
♥ Armor Hunters Issue #1 Comic

Overall, for a new subscription box, they totally blew this one of the water! It's incredible!! I love the wide variety of goodies, collectibles and limited edition items. A+ Geek Fuel!!


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