1 Up Box Unboxing - December 2014 - Mythical

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Check out my unboxing of this AWESOME subscription box!

1Up Box is a monthly subscription box that caters to the gamer geeks of the world.

$12.92 + $6 S/H
$40+ Value Every Month
EPIC Shirt in EACH Box!
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This month's box included:
♥ Legolas Greenleaf POP! Figurine
♥ The Great Mythical Snow Fight T-Shirt
♥ 1 Up Box Ring
♥ You Shall Not Pass decal
♥ Evil Companions Mini Poster
♥ Wonka Pixy Stix

Loved this months box!! Excellent curation and I love the POP! figurine!!

Check out my unboxing below:


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