The Hair Dye Test!

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Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color in Deep Intense Burgundy

I have been TRYING to get my hair to be a nice, dark red color and I have tried Manic Panic in Vampire Red. hair now looks like the picture above after it's faded.  So I went on a mission to find a good Dark Burgundy hair color.  The only ones I could find were Garnier for Darker Hair.

I did a lot of research into these box colors and couldn't find any information on how well they work on hair that is already bleached or light.  Even the box shows the darker hair samples on the side.  So I took a HUGE risk and bought the dye to try it out.

So, my question, does Garnier's Deep Intense Burgundy for dark hair WORK on lighter hair?! 


*I took a risk trying this at home, I am not a beauty consultant or a professional, use at your OWN risk. I cannot guarantee the same results.*


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