KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler

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KISS InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler Review

Ok, I'm not a professional by ANY means when it comes to beauty or hair.  I do my own hair (color, cut, style) but never had any professional training.  This curler claims to help create easy, simple, natural looking curls.  When I was offered the opportunity to test it out, I was totally up for the challenge!
This curler has a ton of great features too. It has two settings of heat: low and high. It has a max temperature of 420 degrees.  This device also has an automatic shut off feature that turns it off after 90 minutes (just in case you forget to do that yourself!) It's fully automatic and allows you to curl in two different directions with the touch of a button in either hand.

How it works:
This curler is designed so that you can easily slide your hair in 1-2 inch sections on to the curler. Then you press the button on the barrel to rotate the curl dial either left or right.  This will automatically catch the hair and curl it around the heated wand.  After 3 to 10 seconds, you gently slide the curler down and out of the curl. Easy peasy!

See me attempt this in the video below:

Check it out here:

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