Make Up & Beauty Terms You Should Know

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Whether you're brand new to the world of makeup or you've been applying make up for years, here's a list of terms you should know!

Spoolie - the mascara wand!
Foiled (or 'to foil')- When you apply pigments with a wet applicator or brush
Waterline - the wet space between your lashes and eyeball on your lower eyelid
Tightline - the wet space bewteen your lashes and eyeball on your upper eyelid
Depot (or 'depotted') - to remove the product from the original container - depotted items are added to a new container
Swatch - when the product is rubbed on the skin or your finger to test texture or color pigmentation
Dupe - a product that is the same or similar to another (usually a lower end vs. higher end product)
Haul - large collection of items shown at once (either in one purchase or multiple)
Contour - using bronzer or darker shade of powder to create a slimming effect to your cheeks
Highlight - using a lighter shade to bring out your cheekbones
Bleed - when your lip product leaves a reside or "bleeds" on the outer part of your lip (usually avoided with a lipliner)
Fall-Out - when an eye shaodow that is powdery and flakes to other parts of your face (also when bristles fall out of your brush while using them)
Stipple - using a duo-fiber stippling brush with foundation to give an airbrushed look
Pigments - loose or mineral eye shadows
Pigmentation or Color Payoff - how saturated the color of the product is

Is there a term you don't see here but want to add it to the list? Leave a comment and let me know! I'll add them.


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