5-Hour Energy Shot Goes PINK!

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5-Hour Energy Shots go PINK!

In honor of those who have passed, currently have or are in remission of Breast Cancer, 5-Hour Energy made these amazing pink ribbon bottles to help show their support.  For every bottle of the pink 5-Hour Energy shots, they will be donating five cents to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization.  So not only are you getting your 5 hours of energy, you're also helping support a great cause!

LBBC TOAST: I raise my pink ribbon bottle to ALL of the survivors! You inspire me to keep on keepin' on! #5hourGoesPink

These are Pink Lemonade flavor and they taste soooooo good! Help make a difference and reach for the PINK BOTTLE the next time you see one!

(I received 2 bottles for free from Smiley360 and 5-Hour Energy in exchange for my review and to spread the cause. I will be picking up more of these to help support the LBBC)


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