Tammy Fender Review

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Tammy Fender Review

I was curious about this company from overhearing about the high quality of the products.  I contacted them through they're website and they kindly sent me 3 samples to try.

Tammy Fender skin care is holistic and organic. 

Claifying Dermagel
This is for acne and breakouts, you can apply as a spot treatment or to your whole face. It's very liquidy so a little goes a long way! I applied this to my whole face and it did seem to make a bit of difference after a few days.

Essential C Tonic
It looks like water, feels like water but you add this liquid to a cotton ball or round and apply to your face.  It's super hydrating and feels tingly on my skin.  High amounts of Vitamin C can do that.

Purifying Cleansing Gel
I loved the smell of this cleanser! It is spearmint and alfalfa and has this real earthy mint smell. The cleanser worked fantastically and my skin was glowing afterward.  The formula is very watery as you can see in the picture.  I would have liked this better if it were thicker like the "gel" it claims to be.

Overall, these products are nice, but them all being so diluted with water I wasn't impressed. However, the customer service and personalized touch, were very nice!

See more and purchase here: http://www.tammyfender.com/


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