Purple Prairie Botanicals Review

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Purple Prairie Botanicals Review

I love handmade soaps, so I contacted Purple Prairie and they kindly sent me 4 scents of my choice in exchange for this review on their products.

First impression, They all smell FANTASTIC! I could smell them as soon as I opened the package.  I was instantly excited to try them all! Each soap is sample sized, individually wrapped and labeled with the scent.  These are 100% natural and cruelty free!

 Rosemary Mint
This bar is a shampoo bar AND a body bar! You can use it to relieve itchy, flaky scalp. Normally I find rosemary and mint to be very strong fragrances, but this blend is fantastic!

Peaceful Prairie
A wonderful blend of Lavender, Ylangylang and Chamomile. You can actually see the chamomile flowers! This soap will inspire you to relax and bring your mind and body to ease.  I would suggest this one for right before bed or after a long day at work. 

Sandalwood and Sage
This is a very calming scent.  I love the scents individually and when blended they give a very earthy, natural tranquil effect to your senses.

Eucalyptus Lemon
This is one of my favorites of the samples.  Between the eucalyptus and lemon you get an great deep, anti-microbial clean feeling! I think this will be great for after gardening.  Get that dirt out and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

Overall, these are great soaps!! I would use these daily! The scents are fabulous and the soaps are just amazing! I highly recommend these!

You can order full sized soaps and other great products here: http://www.purpleprairie.com/


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