Jurlique Review

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Jurlique Review

I heard of this company once, and I was intrigued to contact them and see if they had any samples to try.  Sure enough, they kindly sent me these 3 samples to try.

 Purely Bright Cleanser
This is a very nice cleanser.  Nice, creamy texture and the whole packet cleaned my face nicely.

Balancing Day Cream
After cleansing, I used this day cream.  It is super creamy and I used majority of the packet to cover my whole face and neck.

Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream
After using the cleaner and day cream in the morning, I followed up at night with this age defying cream.  I used it on my entire face, not just my orbitals (around the eye). Of course, after one use, I didn't see a noticeable difference right away but my skin felt great the next morning.

Overall, these products are fantastic.  My skin felt clean and moisturized after use.  I had no breakouts from these products either. I recommend them!

You can by the products here: http://www.jurlique.com/


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