Eve Lom Skin Care Review

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Eve Lom Review

Eve Lom is a United Kingdom based skincare company that has tons of great products! I contacted them with interest and they kindly sent me a bunch of samples to try.

First I decieded to try out the cleaner and moisturizer.  I was intrigued when I noticed it came with a muslin cloth and it is meant as a "hot cleaner".  Basically what this does is help open your pores and gently exfoliate the gunk out of your pores.  This is supposed to leave your skin feels deeply cleaned and super soft.  

At first I was like "This is so weird!".  I've never used a hot cleanser product before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  You apply this cleanser to your DRY skin.  Rub it in with your fingers in a circular motion.  Then you get the muslin cloth wet with hot water.  Be careful not to make the water TOO hot, this will burn your skin.  Then you apply the hot damp cloth to your skin, and hold it there for a few seconds.  You do this a few times and then you use the cloth in warm water to gently exfoliate the cleanser off your face.  I was surprised at how clean my face felt afterward! It really worked like it said it would!

TLC Radiance Cream
This is a good moisturizer! Very creamy and light.  I applied this after using the cleanser and my skin felt fantastic.  Very tight, clean skin!

The other samples I received were eye creams and serums which I will use eventually but I was so impressed with this cleanser and moisturizer, I just had to share.

You can order yours here: www.evelom.com


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