Day 1 - Can Vase

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Day 1 of 365 Days of Crafts

Today I made a very simple vase out of a can.

(Click the pictures to view the full size, click the picture again to zoom in!)

After making canned corn one night, I decided to keep the can and use it to make something fun!  I took the can and cleaned it out really good and took off the paper label.  Then I super glued some seashells I have collected and made a decorative rim on the top of the can.  It needed a bit of color so I added some bright yellow ribbon to border the bottom rim of the can.  Because the can is light weight, I filled the inside with some decorative pebbles to keep it stable and hold my faux flowers in place.  It's really easy to make and you can decorate it how ever you like!  NOTE: This is a great idea for small stalks of bamboo since they don't need to have a drain at the bottom of the can!  If you wanted to, you could cut small holes in the bottom of the can for drainage and use them as planters for your lanai or patio!


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