Shelling is my new Best Friend

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So in case you haven't realized this already, I feel that I should bring my South Florida love to my work.  So I bring you seashell home decor!

I went to B&N and found this AWESOME book to help me identify what kind of shells I find and use in my decor.

Then I went shelling last night at Naples Beach right after a bad thunderstorm, and right as the sun was setting, and found these beauties!

Which have now been added to my entire collection! (Above is my personal favorites collection; Below are the shells I use in my decor)

And with this I bring you some new items:

This piece is unfinished but I wanted to give you a little
sneak peek ;)  It will be a new wall flower and have
shells dangling from the bottom and hang on the wall.

This is my new item.  A Key holder!  I got tired of loosing my car keys
so I made one of these for myself in a different design.  Now you can have
your very own Seashell design Key Holder! (Will be up on my website soon!)

I have to say I have been feeling VERY productive in the "office".  If you would like a piece of my seashell decor, keep a look out on my website, subscribe to my blog feed or go to the website and put in a custom order!!

- RixiePixie ♥


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