Don't Have A Magnetic Dishwasher?!?

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No more having to worry about not having a magnetic dishwasher! Now you can have your own Rixie Pixie's Dishwasher Decoder with a Velcro backing instead! You still have the option for a magnetic one if you just LOVE the design, but now you have more options! There are 10 all new designs up on!

Don't forget, dishwashers make great gifts for everyone! College students moving into their first apartment, as an educational tool for kids, for that obsessive-compulsive housewife (or house-husband) or even a an easily affordable wedding gift!

And now you can order fully custom dishwasher magnets on the website!

**Suction cup options are on their way for those people who have non-magnetic dishwashers and don't want to adhere velcro! If you would prefer one before their available on the site, order a custom one!**


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