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So you all know, my show on Saturday was the Fall in Love with Handmade show at Cottage Industry Co-Op. This show was by far my best. I had made a good number of sales and evened out which is a great outcome! I luckily had my boyfriend to accompany me since it was deathly hot out and I have having issues with the heat, so I'm very glad he was there to help me out with getting me water and food, and manning the booth so I could explore.

Please excuse the horrible photography skills! It was so bright I couldn't tell the picture was blue =X

Overall, the show was well organized and put together. I was impressed! The parking lot was a lot smaller then i had originally imagined it would be but everyone that was included fit nicely. There were two booths per tent, so the spots were a bit tight but we all made it work. Everyone there was diverse in their creations, from recycled bottle flowers (WHICH WERE GORGEOUS!) to fabric crafts and jewelry, and of course my Upcycled CD art! There was a good number of people who know about the show and come out to support the local artists and the venue. I was surprise at how many of the vendors that were there had not heard of Etsy before! I gave a few overviews of Etsy as well as team FEST and the Orlando Arts Team. Although my sales weren't as plentiful as I would have hoped for, it was better then my first 2 shows and a very good location for locals who pass by and drop in!

The Good: Well organized, well advertised. great variety of vendors, Cottage Industry WAS open and serving food and drinks, the customer turn out was very diverse.

The Bad: It seemed the way the booths were set up and the parking lot size issue was a bit of a problem, although there was a flow of the booths, the entire back row (were i was) had our backs to the main street. I think it would have been better if there was more room to have no backs of booths exposed to customers. The entire center row was like this as well.

The Ugly: Too hot, unfortunately I had my back to the sun for 7 hours straight and i'm the type to burn after a minute, so you can imagine my sunburn...

Total score: 4/5 Stars!


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