New Items coming soon!

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So i've been working on some new items. I still have jewelry to list but i want to start straying away from the jewelry once my stock is sold out, and move onto household goods, kitchen items, etc. I've been working on clip magnets, for either holding your child's finger-paintings on the fridge, your favorite photo or to clip closed that bag of chips you were just munching on! They'll be the many-use clips! And very stylish. I'm excited to get them posted, but they won't be till i clear out some items and get money for batteries for my camera, and more adhesive for my sticker machine. Ugh...i pray for sales soon before I have to find a 40 hour a week job and have to quit etsy, i hope it doesn't come to that.....


QueenofQueens said...

OMG. I need dough for batteries is up with that? I can't wait to see your new stuff. :)

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