Miss Jessie's Hair Products Review!

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Miss Jessie's Hair Care Review

I contacted Miss Jessie's and they gladly sent me these samples! I'm super excited to try these.  I LOVE the packaging and have always wanted to try the Pillow Soft Curls creme!

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo
This shampoo is excellent! It is silky smooth and actually detangled my hair while I washed it! I would totally buy this in full size!

Creme de la Creme Conditioner
Very minty looking and very conditioning!  The package says to leave it on for a while but I have fine hair so I only left it on for 5 minutes.  My hair was silky smooth and easily combed afterward.

 Leave in Condish
 Apply to damp hair after washing and this product makes your curls and waves extra smooth and frizz free! I loved it!

 Pillow Soft Curls
One of my must tries!  I liked this creme. It is meant to keep your curls in shape and hold them all day with no frizz.  It's hot and humid here in Florida and I tried this before going out for the day.  My hair was actually MORE curled and wavy than usual too.  It did make my hair a bit crispy after it dried but my hair held all day!

Baby Butter Creme
This cream is used for moisturizing and keeping curls.  You can use this on wet or dry hair.  I personally don't think this is good for my hair, it didn't really work for me. It's more like a styling paste than a creme.

I LOVE the packaging.  They are very nice sizes too! I was able to use everything multiple times from these samples. Overall, I don't think this is a great product for my hair.  It's naturally wavy and fine.  This product is more for kinky, full curls.  But I LOVE the Shampoo and Pillow Soft Curls!

Buy it here: http://www.missjessies.com/


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