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So today was a big pain in my arse. Went to Rooms to Go to order my couch and recliner chair and had nothing but problems with this stupid a-hole guy that worked there named Mike Shoe (dumbass). But anyway, after fighting with him, and then calling Daddy (who called the manager) we got everything taken care of :) so Monday i will have my furniture!! yay! and all of our IKEA stuff is all put together and set up nicely thanks the BF who had a hard time getting the nightstands together but still worked really hard on them (i love him!). And on top of that i managed to get a new listing up before my camera batteries died yay!! Set of 10 "Thank you" stickers! - $5.00


redd said...

those stickers are adorable!
Are those the ones you were working on that day we were talking about your new machine?

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